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Hard metal ski runners. All snowmobile brands and models, including After Market skis.

L-Weld Oy has been manufacturing JARLA hard metal ski runners since 1989. We are the largest aftermarket ski runner manufacturer in the Nordic countries. Our company has about 200 dealers, and 40% of our production is exported. Our product range includes approximately 170 different ski runner models, and all of them are available in stock. This way, we can provide a suitable option for various purposes, from ice fishing snowmobiles to racing snowmobiles.

The frame material is Cr25Mo4 CHROMIUM-MOLYBDENUM, which has 30% better torsional stiffness and wear resistance than a regular steel shaft (FE 52 drawn shaft). Through-hardened steel shafts and hard metal wear parts ensure excellent wear resistance and torsional stiffness of the frame.

You can always find the latest updates and information on our website. We also have ski runners for aftermarket skis available directly from our stock, for example, SLP Powder Pro, AC & Pro, and Duell Sno Pro. We manufacture ski runners for rare ski models based on the model and dimensions, without additional cost. You can easily find our products from your local dealer using the color and number/letter codes. If there is no ski runner dealer in your area, you can also place an order through our website.

Normal = black | Sport = blue | Sprint = purple | Enduro = red

  • NO HARD METAL | €69.00 / pair

    - No painting or sales packaging.

    - 12mm CR25Mo4 CHROMIUM-MOLYBDENUM steel frame.

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  • NORMAL | €109.00 / pair

    An affordable alternative for the original or worn-out runners. Good steering grip for calm route riding, even on ice. Remember the limited grip on icy and hard-packed snow, so adjust your speed according to the route and the characteristics of the ski runners.

    152 mm 90-degree steering pad and 0-1 wear pads provide a good steering feel and wear resistance. Lightweight ski runners suitable for fan-cooled safari, touring, and sports snowmobiles.

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  • SPORT | €124.00 / pair

    The most affordable 75-degree ski runners on the market. Good steering grip on icy and hard-packed snow. An alternative to 60-degree pads if routes are on low-snow and rocky trails. The shallower angle of the pad is better at withstanding impacts from rocks.

    162 mm 75-degree steering pad and 0-1 wear pads are suitable for route riding, and they are also used in races. Suitable for both ice fishing snowmobiles and sports snowmobiles.

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  • SPRINT | €124.00 / pair

    For large ski pressure snowmobiles, such as Rev, Fusion, R-evo, and other front-heavy snowmobiles. 130 mm 60-degree steering pad and 0-1 wear pads, providing light steering and good grip on icy and hard-packed snow.

    All Sprint models are made from a new frame material, Cr25Mo4 through-hardened steel. These ski runners are excellent for all kinds of use, from family snowmobiling to racing. As the name suggests, Sprint is the top choice.

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  • ENDURO | €124.00 / pair

    The most popular ski runner model year after year, with nearly one-third of the total production sold as ENDURO ski runners. 162 mm 60-degree steering pad and 0-1 wear pads. Excellent steering grip in all conditions. These ski runners have been used in long-track touring snowmobiles, work snowmobiles, and sports snowmobiles.

    Jarla Enduro has won several Finnish championships in Enduro, Snocross, and the Finnish Cup over the years.

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